7 Signs of Residential Furnace Problems

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Has your residential furnace ever stopped in the middle of the night? Not a nice experience!!  You can avoid these types of experiences with regular maintenance of your furnace.  If you maintain your furnace on a regular basis, you can tell right away if it experiences any of these residential furnace problems that cost lots of money in the long run. Now, the question is how can you tell if your home furnace is having any of these problematic issues? Look for these seven warning signs indicating residential furnace problems that need to be addressed right away.

Old Age – on the average, the lifespan of a regular residential furnace is around 15 years. If your furnace is almost this old or even past the 15-year mark, it is probably time for a much-needed upgrade. By replacing your furnace with an energy saving model, you can boost the energy efficiency of your home heating system aside from avoiding predictable… read full article