Broken Heater – How Would You Know

Is your home HVAC system not operating optimally?  Some issues are obvious and noticeable while some are subtle and require thorough examination to determine the issue. If you know what you are looking for, it simply means that you will have an easier way of identifying potential and developing problems as early as possible before they become too much handle.

Just as white blood cells are the first line of defense in our body, regular HVAC maintenance is also the first thing we need to do if we want to defend our HVAC systems from having system failures and malfunctions. However, aside from just maintaining your equipment, it is also important to keep an eye on signals that may indicate that there is indeed something wrong with your unit. Gradual increases in our utility bills are easily overlooked if the increase is relatively small, especially if it is a few cents.


These increases, however, can accumulate into bigger problems in the future because it happens slowly and over a long period of time making it difficult for us to realize that our utility bills are actually rising. If you compare your present and current bills with previous ones may show us that this trend of rising electricity bill is actually a developing problem due to issues in our HVAC systems.

If you’re not paying close attention to the sounds your furnace makes during regular operation, it’s easy to assume a whirring or rattling sound is normal. However, your furnace should generally operate quietly. If there’s a popping or banging, there’s an issue with the system. Regular maintenance visits will help you catch these issues before the whole system shuts down.

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Air conditioning units and other HVAC systems typically turn on and off to meet the desired temperature in our thermostats. For example, an air conditioning system usually stays on and is constantly running during the summer season because the job it has to do is not easy. The heat that the sun gives off is not easy to take away especially if it is excessive.

Your HVAC systems have to work hard in order to get the exact temperature it is asked to give. They even have to work harder to maintain the temperature of our homes or buildings if our desired temperature is way different compared to the outdoor temperature. This issue may sometimes be regarded as normal but this can also mean that there is something wrong with the system.

There are several issues and reasons why your air conditioner might run regularly. Dirty air filters, refrigerant leaks, leaky ductwork, and a broken fan could all trick your air conditioner into running constantly. When your air conditioner has a broken part, then it works continuously to try to cool your home while some part of it works against it. Also, if your air conditioner isn’t big enough for your home, it might run continually trying to keep up the temperature for a capacity it can’t accommodate.

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As the seasons change, our utility bills are also adapting to our needs during that season. During the summer, our cooling bills will increase and during the winter, our heating bills will also naturally increase. But if both our heating bills and cooling bills are notably higher than they were last year even with similar conditions and situations, it might be time to call an expert to do a check-up on our systems.

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