Hello, there! I am Rob Spyder. I bring you my blog, Heating and Plumbing in Canada. For over ten years, I’ve traveled from one province to another, from big cities to virtually nowhere, to help Canadians cope with the seasons, especially during winter. If you haven’t been to Canada, you haven’t experienced yet just how freezing it can get here. It is why we all can’t live without our trusted furnaces or other forms of heating. I have seen for myself the struggle of every Canadian, including me, on how to winter-proof their homes and even their plumbing. If you live in a place where the weather can be drastic, the least you want to experience is to have no heating or running water. Life would be unbearable without a good heating and plumbing system, and that’s for sure.

And with that, another contribution I can offer to all of you aside from my professional services is Heating and Plumbing in Canada. It is my personal blog that talks about my passion, heating and plumbing. I offer you all helpful contents full of well-researched articles, images, videos, illustrations, and more, talking about heating and plumbing in great detail. With each article you read, you learn something new that can help you do your heating and plumbing better than before.

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